Not Even Two Weeks Later…

Photo on 6-15-16 at 7.17 AMI’m sitting in a Santa Barbara window seat–early morning, cup of coffee–staring out at the smooth water toward the Channel Islands, confusing a swimming club flashing out by the bouy line for a pack of dolphins and thus waking my daughter too early, watching people more ambitious than I out for their runs.

It’s 12 days since I finished at the hospital. It’s easy to let it seem a long way away if I want to–I don’t write as much, don’t pray as much. I’ve been very aware of how much I talk about myself with others and trying to not let “I” and “me” swamp all my conversations. I have a paid project  I’m working on, but my time is less organized and it’s easy to delay, get distracted.

What I want to do has never been in the structures of a hospital. So now I’m not in that structure, I better make my own structure. It’s time to get back to work.


Thanks to Jim and Andrew for the window seat. Thanks to Esmé for the motivation.



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