Heads Up: Document Dump

The training for CPE has been intensive, and to be honest, I don’t entirely understand how people do it full time. It may be that the didactics–the class and homework–are the same, but the clinical work, being in the rooms with patients (ever since I worked with Michael Fratkin, MD, I have been not entirely comfortable with this term, but I need to make some distinction between the roles), is where the additional time is. As has happened to me in the past in learning environments, I came into this stubbornly focused on the activities of the training–talking with people who are patients–and I’ve been taken by surprise by what turns out to be more ephemeral and thus complex  for old thick-skull Kinsey, the interactive building of relationships, trust, with my peers in the program, and the emotional weight-lifting inherent in an activity where my spiritual, and dare I say theological, life is taken very seriously by others, so I need to take it seriously myself, instead of in what I’m coming to realize has been my usual half-winking way.

Anyway, I have been thinking about this blog, not getting any updates on it. But the good news is I’ve been writing a lot, and I’m going to post some of that this evening to get it all in one place and kind of prime the pump. So multiple posts coming.