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“I’ll Get the Nurse.”

Went to visit my hospice client today, 89-year-old woman at a care facility–chatty, non-religious, says she’s ready to go, but she has family members that are holding on. I will call her Alice (as is standard, I’m changing her identity for confidentiality reasons). I go every Friday. I walk up to the front desk and say, “I’m a hospice volunteer. I’m… Read more →

A Wealth of Choices.

Friends, I just got back from a 9-day retreat in the desert, with the School of Lost Borders’ Practice of Living and Dying curriculum, focussing on forgiveness, apology and reconciliation. Deep, physically and emotionally challenging, reinvigorating. Among many gifts, I came out from this trip with a renewed commitment to writing at least two blog posts a week until the fall (when… Read more →

Happy…well, you know.

Here we are. It’s 2015. And a brand new year. I’ve felt melancholy this last week. Back to the whole “beginning, middle, end” thing again, and trying to feel into the “energetic properties” of these different stages, we’re here at the the end of the year. Channukah is over (I don’t think I ever spell that the same way twice),… Read more →

On Fear.

At some time around the age of eight, I had what I think of now as a crisis of the spirit, and I still have no real context, explanation, or even conclusion for it, only its description. I was helping my mother carry groceries into the house. I was in the hallway with bags in my arms, and I thought… Read more →