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How to Dress a Dead Baby

A moving essay on chaplaincy, and training to be a chaplain, by author Alejandra Diaz Mattoni. Follow her on Twitter at @alediazmattoni. Peace. _____________________________________________________ The mechanics of dressing a dead newborn are basic. The little girl’s face is white, lacking the flushed cheeks normally present in a newborn. She has a full head of hair and a button-type nose that makes you want… Read more →

Happy…well, you know.

Here we are. It’s 2015. And a brand new year. I’ve felt melancholy this last week. Back to the whole “beginning, middle, end” thing again, and trying to feel into the “energetic properties” of these different stages, we’re here at the the end of the year. Channukah is over (I don’t think I ever spell that the same way twice),… Read more →