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Application for Clinical Pastoral Education–#2: A description of my spiritual growth and development.

My mother was an atheist who identified historically and culturally as a Jew, the child of immigrants. My father’s faith lineage was an undefined and little-discussed mix of Protestantism, and the only piece of his spiritual heritage I’m certain of is that his father was a lifelong Spiritualist after an experience he had in World War I. My dad was… Read more →

Application for Clinical Pastoral Education–#1: A reasonably full account of my life.

Writing a letter to a friend that recaps my path to chaplaincy this morning, I realized I had never posted my essay for applying for Clinical Pastoral Education. It has five parts: A reasonably full account of my life. A description of my spiritual growth and development. A description of my vocational history. An account of a “helping incident.” My impressions of clinical… Read more →

Situation Normal…

There are phrases in the English language that have come into such common usage that we don’t even think about them as representing anything but their current meaning , but they started out as obscene, racist, or just vulgar: That sucks. Used across the social board. My daughter and her friends frequently employ this one. She’s 13 now, and might have some… Read more →

Happy…well, you know.

Here we are. It’s 2015. And a brand new year. I’ve felt melancholy this last week. Back to the whole “beginning, middle, end” thing again, and trying to feel into the “energetic properties” of these different stages, we’re here at the the end of the year. Channukah is over (I don’t think I ever spell that the same way twice),… Read more →