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What’s Going On?

Mother, mother… It’s been a while since I posted, and I just wanted to catch up. The middle of this month, I finished my first unit of CPE at California Pacific Medical Center and, overlapping with the finishing, I began my new unit–new hospital site, new teachers, new cohort of students I study with. First unit I worked at Pacific… Read more →

My Goals for Clinical Pastoral Education, or CPE.

We are instructed to create personal goals at the beginning of CPE training, with the instruction that they may morph or out-and-out change over the course of the work, but start somewhere, and make it challenging. Here are my goals for this September through January training: Theological/Religious/Spiritual–To take the spiritual well being of the patient seriously enough that I risk… Read more →

Recap of My First Week Chaplaincy Training. And a New Week Begins.

The first week is done, the second week is beginning. Last week was orientation, eight hours a day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would say about 20% of it was the paperwork and verbal declarations of a new employee of a corporate medical system—HIPPA, dress code, commitment to diversity and a non-hostile work environment. Sign, sign, sign. It’s always shocking… Read more →