Love Is Just Around the Corner…

Some people know, and some people don’t, so here’s the skinny…

Yes, we bought a house. At its core it’s an old farmhouse, and then it has weird additions. It’s on 3/4 of an acre and around the corner from where we live now–Rachel counted, and it’s actually 15 doors down, a 10 minute walk. We’re slowly taking things over and getting some stuff fixed, with a final move date at the end of January.

We’re lucky, and privileged (a loaded word, but obviously true in this case). We have a barn, and we’re building a big fire circle, and we hope the place can be a resource for community. We got the keys the day after the election, and we’ve talked a lot about how this can be an offering for more good–organizing, comforting, praying, laughing, crying. We don’t know what all it’s going to be yet, but we’re open.

Some names we’ve thought of:

  • Roundcorner
  • Stonewall
  • Hidden Waters
  • Mountain View

We are open to name suggestions and such. Me and Rach and Esmé look forward to seeing you at our table.

More Light.


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