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Hanukka Retrospective

  When you engage with Jewish holidays in the US, they feel slippery, like how you only see ghosts and fairies out of the corners of your eyes. But each holiday has its own quality of slipperiness. With Chanuka, first, I never spell it the same way twice, because it comes from a different alphabet, and I don’t trust Spell… Read more →

Pope Champions Radical Catholic Rabble-Rouser Dorothy Day | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

It was probably because of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers Movement that I was able to come to my Judaism–any religion–in an open-hearted way. In the eighties, I went to jail for civil disobedience in Florida around the first test of the Trident2 missile. While all of us 20-year old boys were locked up and bumping egos about who… Read more →