Month: September 2015

Pope Champions Radical Catholic Rabble-Rouser Dorothy Day | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

It was probably because of Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers Movement that I was able to come to my Judaism–any religion–in an open-hearted way. In the eighties, I went to jail for civil disobedience in Florida around the first test of the Trident2 missile. While all of us 20-year old boys were locked up and bumping egos about who… Read more →

Recap of My First Week Chaplaincy Training. And a New Week Begins.

The first week is done, the second week is beginning. Last week was orientation, eight hours a day, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I would say about 20% of it was the paperwork and verbal declarations of a new employee of a corporate medical system—HIPPA, dress code, commitment to diversity and a non-hostile work environment. Sign, sign, sign. It’s always shocking… Read more →