Month: February 2015

Dr. Michael Fratkin, ResolutionCare
Palliative medicine physician Michael Fratkin gets off a plane after visiting a patient on the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. He’s recently launched a startup to support this kind of work. (Text & photo: April Dembowsky/KQED

I was telling a friend, Karen Erlichman, about hearing this on NPR. Dr. Michael Fratkin’s is creating a palliative care startup, ResolutionCare, to serve the people in rural northern California, and to be a model for individualized service everywhere. Since hearing this I’ve had some conversations with the doctor, and as you might expect, he’s a really nice guy, too.

Click here to hear the piece about his work, and here to see ResolutionCare’s website.

Situation Normal…

There are phrases in the English language that have come into such common usage that we don’t even think about them as representing anything but their current meaning , but they started out as obscene, racist, or just vulgar: That sucks. Used across the social board. My daughter and her friends frequently employ this one. She’s 13 now, and might have some… Read more →